The Altruistic outpatient program is to initiate a process of recovery through guided practice, having the patient and their family make simple, yet strategic changes in behavior in their day-to-day life.

What We Do

Our Recovery & Treatment Services

Substance Abuse Disorders

Treatment includes:
Assessment, Treatment Planning, Individual Sessions, Addressing Immediate Needs, and Holistic Approach

Mental Health Services

We Utilize Several Modalities that Address Mental Health based on Individual Needs

Domestic Violence Classes

Altuistic Provides Court Approved Domestic Violence Classes

Medication Assisted Treatment M.A.T

We Treat:
Fentanyl , Opioid and Alcohol Addiction

DUI Classes

Altruistic is a State Certified DUI Provider. Our DUI Classes, Groups, and Treatment are Court Approved

Anger Management

Altruistic Utilizes SAMHSA Approved Material to Help Clients Develop the Skills to Overcome the Cycle of Aggression

Treatment Groups

We offer a variety of groups, including Moral Recognation Therapy, Process Groups, and Living in Balance, to name a few

Please contact us for all the groups we offer

We Are Committed To Helping Our Clients Work Towards Their Overall Wellness